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Major General Gagandeep Bakshi (retd) Combat veteran, Defence Expert, an Author, Editor of Indian Military Review, Motivational Speaker. He is a prolific writer on matters of military and non-military subjects and has published 40 books and more than 200 papers in many prestigious research journals.

Major General G. D. Bakshi

Birth nameGagandeep Bakshi
BirthplaceJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
HometownJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Lives inGurgaon, Haryana
Height(Approx.)175cm/1.75m/5’9” feet
Eye & Hair colorBlack & White
ReligionHinduism (Sanatan Dharma)
Religious leader/GuruSwami Pranvanada Sarasvati
Marital statusMarried
ServiceIndian Army Officer
Commissioned14 November 1971
Service rankMajor
Service duration37 years
Battles/warsIndo-Pakistani War of 1971 and Kargil War of 1999
EducationGraduation, Ph.D. in Strategic Studies
Major G.D.Bakshi Bio/Wiki

He is the most famous thinker and talking military veteran. He has been featured many times in documentaries, debate shows on television, and various youtube channels on issues related to National and International Security.

He is well known for his forceful and clear stand in the favor of national interest. He is an acknowledged thought leader in this domain.

G. D. Bakshi Bio/Wiki

Story: How Major G. D. Bakshi Joined the Indian Army?

Maj Gen G. D. Bakshi’s brother Captain S. R. Bakshi, the first martyr of the India-Pakistan war was only 23 years old at that time and his entire body was shattered into pieces in a mine blast.

Major said “When we wanted to perform the cremation, people collected whatever was left and burnt his body. Later, they gave us the urn with ashes, saying ‘Here, this is your brother’, I was furious. That was when I decided that I would join the armed forces and take revenge for my brother.”

The ghastly death of his brother made him join the National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla, Pune against the wishes of his parents.

GD Bakshi joined the National Defence Academy in June 1967 (a year and a half after his elder brother was martyred). Although initially, he was an Indian Air Force (IAF) cadet, he switched streams to join the Indian army. He was commissioned in the same regiment as his brother and father— J &K Rifles.

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After that Major Bakshi graduated from the Indian Military Academy on 14 November 1971, he was called into action at the outbreak of hostilities in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.

Military career

Maj Gen GD Bakshi is a retired Indian army officer. He served the country from 1971 to 2008 in the 6 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles. Major was commissioned in the Army from IMA Dehradun in November 1971.

As a Lt. Colonel, he volunteered to be posted at Kaksar in Kargil in 1987, five kilometers from the Line of Control, where a massive intrusion had taken place. Major was awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal for commanding a battalion successfully during the Kargil War.

General Bakshi has seen more war, uprising, and fear-based oppression than the average soldier. His battle experience has earned him both the Medals and the Vishisht Seva Medal for his administration.


  • On the China front in 1971
  • In Punjab at the peak of militancy in 1985
  • Kaksar in Kargil in 1987
  • Kishtwar, J&K in 2000 (Pakistan’s proxy war in J&K and CT Operations in Kishtwar)

Major Bakshi commanded the Romeo Force (a part of the elite Rashtriya Rifles), an operation named “Sarp Vinash” to counter terrorist activities in the Poonch-Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir where he succeeded in pacifying the whole area.

He served in the Rashtriya Rifles for 27 months, during this period several top terrorist commanders were eliminated by his strategic fight.

At Kishtwar, the Army organized village defense committees but found that the volunteers would be killed in lonely places, making life difficult.

The Army responded using flame-throwers on the terrorists’ hideouts and from September 2001 onwards, civilian killings died out and the migrating population returned, which is no mean feat. For his efforts, he received the Sena Medal.

He has become the directorate general of military operations and has served two tenures. He became the first BGS (IW) at HQ Northern Command (India) where he dealt with information warfare and many psychological operations.

In the Ministry of Defence, Major Bakshi had helped plan the Indian Peace Keeping Force operations in Sri Lanka before he was sent to the Siachen border when tensions in the Kashmir Valley heated up.

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Before retirement, he taught for two and a half years at the National Defence College, New Delhi from where he was awarded a Ph.D. for his work on limited war in the Indian subcontinent.

The 1965 Indo-Pakistan War Preview documentary:

1965 Indo – Pakistan War Preview

Major G. D. Bakshi’s family

Major G D Bakshi with his wife Suneeta Bakshi
Major GD Bakshi with his wife Suneeta Bakshi
FatherS. P. Bakshi
WifeSuneeta Bakshi
1. Late Captain Srishti Raman Bakshi (Elder)
2. Ranjan Bakshi (Younger)
Veena Bakshi
Daughter1. Dr. Purnima Bakshi Kanwar
2. Purnima Bakshi
SonAditya Bakshi (Merchant Navy, A producer of documentaries, short films, animation, and comics based on Indian wars with his wife Namrita Bakshi)
Grandchildren1. Anahita Bakshi
2. Samar Kanwar
Major G. D. Bakshi’s family

Educational background

SchoolSt. Aloysius Higher Secondary School, Jabalpur
Higher educationUniversity of Madras
TrainingRashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Shakha
Studied atNational Defence Academy (NDA)
Studied atIndian Military Academy
Major G.D.Bakshi academic backgrounds


  • Graduated from the Indian Military Academy on 14 November 1971
  • Master’s degree in Defence Science
  • M Phil in Strategic Studies from the University of Madras
  • Ph.D. from the same University on Limited Wars in South Asia

G. D. Bakshi’s Guru

  • Major G.D.Bakshi Guru Swami Pranvanada Sarasvati
    Major G.D.Bakshi Guru: Swami Pranvanada Sarasvati

    Major Bakshi’s guru Swami Pranvanada Sarasvati, taught him meditation and was his Initiation guru. His guru lived in a deep forest and Meditated for 20 long years after that his kundalini shakti was fully aroused.

    Major Bakshi said whatever I managed to achieve on and off the battlefield is due to his blessings. Major Bakshi has written his two books based on his teachings:

    1. Search for Soma: Reinterpreting the Vedic Wisdom
    2. Songs of Soma: Transcreation Of Vedic hymns to Soma
      (the poetry of Soma)

G. D. Bakshi’s father

S. P. Bakshi was a Chief Education Officer of the Jammu & Kashmir State Forces (6 J&K Rifles). When the State forces were merging with the Indian Army, he was then sent to the Corps of Signals, from where he retired.

G. D. Bakshi’s brother

Captain Srishti Raman Bakshi served the country from 6 J&K Rifles in 1963, and at the age of 23, he was martyred on 24 September 1965 in a mine blast during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965 or the Second Kashmir War. In honor of Raman Bakshi— one street of Jabalpur (where the ancestral house is located) has been named, ‘Raman Bakshi Marg.’

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  • Several times he has poked fun at Mohan Das Gandhi
  • In July 2020 on a live debate, while appearing as one of the panelists on the Republic TV channel he used profane language and called a panelist Madharc***d. After that, Mr. Bakshi’s video went viral and became part of the discussion.

G. D. Bakshi quotes

Country comes First Always & every time

Major Bakshi’s Life Memory

Major G.D.Bakshi with his soldiers of 6 J & K Rifals at Paragpur in Kangra who fought so hard under his command in Kargil
Major G.D.Bakshi with his soldiers of 6 J & K Rifles at Paragpur in Kangra who fought so hard under his command in Kargil
Major G.D.Bakshi with sister Veena Bakshi on Raksha Bandhan 2021
Major G.D.Bakshi with sister Veena Bakshi on Raksha Bandhan 2021
Major G.D.BAKSHI NDC Group
Major G.D.Bakshi NDC Group members

Major religiously organizes a meeting once a year with his NDC group, where all his group members spend time together. Major has been doing so for almost 13 years now after retirement.

Major G.D.Bakshi in an event
Soma book signing event at Oxford book shop in Aero City, Gurgaon, Haryana
Major G.D.Bakshi and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh with book titeled as Bose
Major G.D.Bakshi and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh with a book titled Bose

Meeting with the Honorable Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and presented him with a copy of his third book on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The book is titled Bose: The Military Dimension a 125th Anniversary Tribute.

Addressing Tibetan NGOs at Dharam shala with the speaker of Tibetan assy Dolma la
Major G.D.Bakshi addressing Tibetan NGOs at Hospice with the speaker of Tibetan assy Dolma la

Awards, medals, and honors

  • Sena Medal
  • Vishisht Seva Medal
  • Special Service Medal
  • Sangram Medal
  • Operation Vijay Medal
  • Sainya Seva Medal
  • High Altitude Service Medal
  • 25th Anniversary of Independence Medal
  • 50th Anniversary of Independence Medal
  • Service duration medal
    • 9 Years Long Service Medal
    • 20 Years Long Service Medal
    • 30 Years Long Service Medal
  • Senior fellow at the Centre for Strategic Studies and Simulations at the USI
  • Served as Deputy Director of Research at the Vivekananda International Foundation
  • He is currently the Editor of the Indian Military Review
  • He is the Senior Security Advisor (Consultant) to Reliance Industries Limited

Major G. D. Bakshi’s books

  • Afghanistan-the First Fault Line War
  • War in the 21st Century
  • The Indian Art of War
  • The Paradox of Pakistan
  • The Rise of Indian Military Power: Evolution of an Indian Strategic Culture” and “Limited Wars in South Asia.”
  • Bose: An Indian Samurai


  • Major has been a teacher at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • Major Bakshi has also been a teacher at the prestigious Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, Tamil Nadu
  • Major also taught at the National Defence College, Delhi for two years before retiring in 2008
  • Hobbies: Reading and writing, Working out, Yoga
  • Favorite singers: Kishor Kumar, Manna Dey
  • Favorite Movies: Baby, Mary Kom
  • Favorite TV Programs: Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, National Geographic, The Tom and Jerry Comedy Shows

Major G. D. Bakshi’s contact detail and social handles

FacebookMaj Gen Gagandeep Bakshi
E-mail address[email protected]
Social media handles of Major GD Bakshi

Major Bakshi’s current life

Maj Gen Bakshi is a member and leader of the Hindu Chetana core team. The focus of the team narrative is building and raising the Hindu consciousness. In the year 2021, this team focused on Netaji’s militant Nationalism and Hindu Rashtra in Nepal and have Major plans and visions which we will unveil in the upcoming time.

Hindu chetana core team members
Hindu Chetna core team (1. Sushil Pandit, 2. Major G.D.Bakshi 3. Major R.S.N.Singh, 4. Pushpendra Kulshreshta, 5. Major Gaurav Arya)
Major Bakshi in support of Nepal to restore his Hindu Rashtra and King through an organization named Sanatan Sanstha
Major Bakshi in support of Nepal to restore his Hindu Rashtra and King through an organization named Sanatan Sanstha

Major said Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world before the Maoists and communists ruined it and sold that country to China.

He appears regularly on all major TV News channels In mainstream media and YouTube channels on the subjects of terrorism and national security.

Conclusion: We have no doubt about Major Bakshi’s commitment and love for the nation. An army should be like an army, a truth speaker, a heart speaker, a direct answerer, and not as a leader. He is mercurial; but also a hardcore nationalist.


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