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Mr. Sandeep Deo has been a journalist since 2002, a best-seller author, publisher, and founder editor of an organization named India Speaks Daily (ISD) with the tagline “No Left, No Right, Only Sanatan Voice“. ISD is registered with the legal name “Kapot Media Network LLP”.

Mr. Deo was born in the Samastipur district of the state of Bihar. He is currently living in Uttam Nagar, Delhi, India. His academic journey commenced in the arid deserts of Rajasthan, where he received his primary education. However, it was in the sacred city of Varanasi that his educational path truly took shape.

From 1994 to 1997, he pursued his passion for Sociology (Hons) at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in Uttar Pradesh, India. This period marked a crucial chapter in his life, as he delved into the intricacies of human society while being surrounded by the timeless beauty of Varanasi and the Ganges.

Mr. Deo, a veteran journalist with over 20 years of experience, has had a distinguished career working for prominent newspapers such as Dainik Jagran and Nai Duniya. Alongside his journalistic endeavors, he has authored multiple fact-finding and research-based books that have garnered widespread attention.

His impactful writings propelled him to become a bestselling author recognized by Nielsen Jagran, solidifying his reputation as a multifaceted voice in Indian media. His words struck chords so deep that he became a bestseller, all thanks to Nielsen Jagran’s recognition. In essence, Mr. Deo isn’t just a writer; he’s a weaver of emotions, a torchbearer for the unheard, and a storyteller whose tales find cozy corners in people’s hearts.

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He is now a focused Sanatan voice and author, who is using all his resources to strengthen the Hindu community in various fields including knowledge, and intellectualism, making them aware using his past, and present and preparing him for the upcoming future through his writings on the web and videos on YouTube channel.

With a remarkable accomplishment to his name, Mr. Deo stands as a beacon in the realm of Hindi literature. His portfolio boasts an impressive collection of more than 20 fact-based books in Hindi, an achievement that crowns him as the most renowned Hindi writer of our time.


Mr. Sandeep Deo and Mrs. Shweta Deo showing lots of love for each other in multi colour background as a typical Indian family
Mr. Sandeep Deo and Mrs. Shweta Deo

Sandeep Deo married Shweta Deo on 10 March 1999. Mrs. Shweta Deo is from Samastipur, Bihar. She is a homemaker and partner at Kapot Media Network.


  • Kahani Communisto Ki – Part 1 (1917 se 1964 tak Vampanth Ka Chaal Charitra aur Chehra) and Part 2
  • Ashutosh Maharaj Biography
  • Ashutosh Maharaj (Mahayogi ka Maharasya)
  • Mahayogi Ashutosh Maharaj (The Master and the Mystic)
  • Raj Yogi (Gorakhnath Se Adityanath Tak)
  • Yoga Guru to Swadeshi Warrior (The True Story of Baba Ramdev)
  • Swami Ramdev (1st and the only biography of Swami Ramdev as Yogi, and Yodha)
  • Toilet Guru
  • My mom is the best
  • Let that poop out


Kapot Media LLP and India Speaks Daily by Sandeep Deo
Kapot Media Network

Kapot Media Network LLP is a publication, e-commerce for Indology books & merchandise, runs nationalistic news portal India Speaks Daily and India Speaks Daily YouTube channel with motive pressing facts behind the news & provide digital content service.”

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The company was founded by Kumar Sandeep and Deo Shweta in the year 2012. It has 2 directors on board at the time of inception and they were appointed on the dates 2012-05-07 and 2012-05-07.

Address: East Metro station, A-50, Milap Nagar, Uttam Nagar, Delhi, 110059

Unknown facts

Sandeep Deo’s controversial guru Osho: Mr. Deo has followed him since 1989; Mr. Deo was only 13-14 years old when Osho left his body.

Some people say that Osho tried to change the basic nature of Sanatana Dharma and spirituality. He was not only Shri Ram, he was not even concerned with Indian Sanatanis, he was far away from Sanatan Sanskar. No saint has accepted him including the valid gurus of Hinduism.

There have been many thinkers and philosophers in this country, and he can be called one of them, but the soul of India’s knowledge is stable where it can’t be possible for yoga through indulgence.

Contact info

Present addressEast Metro station, A-50, Milap Nagar, Uttam Nagar, Delhi, 110059
[email protected]
Contact no.+91-93126-65127
Contact details of Sandeep Deo

Awards & Honors

  • The ‘Shivaji Ratna’ award by Kailasa (the only declared Hindu nation currently) for pro-Hindu journalism and writing.
  • Mr. Deo awarded by Sahitya Akademi.


Sandeep Deo demanded an apology from RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat for claiming homosexuality in the Hindu scripture Mahabharat. Threatens legal action if no apology. Calls for Twitter trend #भागवतमाफीमांगो. Bhagwat’s statement was in an interview with Panchjanya on King Jarasandha’s two generals Hans and Dimbhaka where they said that they were in a homosexual relationship.

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Deo wants to protect children from unnatural acts and wants a correct perspective of the scriptures. Urged Bhagwat to retract the statement and for Panchjanya and Organizer to publish the correct story and discharge the religion of the media.

He said, the Prime Minister’s trusted Economic Advisor, Bivek Debroy, was forced to offer a heartfelt apology for an article he wrote containing sacrilegious imagery of the revered Hindu deities, Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva, as part of the India Speaks Daily campaign.

The publication, ‘The Week’, was also forced to remove the offending photographs from its digital issue, and Bivek severed ties with the magazine forever. In a similar vein, Mohan Bhagwat and Panchjanya will be required to offer a sincere apology for their actions that have offended.


Only women can bring change to society
Shaurya Diwas 6 Dec 1992, and the role of BJP-RSS in the Modi era

Favorite quote

Only a true critic can create true light… Truth is only one, it never has another face.


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