Tufail Chaturvedi Biography: Age, Family, Poem, Achievements, and Legacy

Tufail Chaturvedi, a name that evokes respect and admiration among many, is actually the pen name of the distinguished author, poet, and scholar of Islam, Vinay Krishan Chaturvedi. He is a man of many talents and interests, and his passion for his country and his religion is evident in his work and his teachings.

In today’s digital age, Tufail Chaturvedi is utilizing social media to spread awareness and educate people on the importance of protecting the nation and Dharma. His social media handles have become a platform for people to engage in discussions and learn from his insights.

But Chaturvedi’s reach extends beyond the virtual world. He has taken on the responsibility of mentoring the youth and teaching them the art of Urdu poetry in the Devnagari script. His teaching methods are unique and effective, using relatable metaphors and similes that make it easier for young minds to comprehend and learn.

Chaturvedi’s students come from diverse professional backgrounds, including Rajya Sabha staff, professors, struggling TV and movie writers, bank employees, and many others. He has created a community of like-minded individuals who share a common love for literature and art.

In an effort to showcase the talents of his students and promote their works, Chaturvedi, along with his disciples, launched a portal named lafzgroup.com. The portal serves as a platform for writers and poets to publish their work and gain exposure.

Chaturvedi also organizes mushairas, a traditional form of Urdu poetry recitation, on a regular basis. Additionally, he publishes a magazine named Lafz, which is dedicated to featuring the works of budding Hindi and Urdu writers.

Tufail Chaturvedi Bio/Wiki

Tufail Chaturvedi (Vinaya Krishan Chaturvedi)
Tufail Chaturvedi (Vinay Krishan Chaturvedi)
Real NameVinay Krishan Chaturvedi
Famous NameTufail Chaturvedi
Birth Year1961
Born inKashipur, Uttarakhand
Marital StatusMarried
ReligionHinduism (Sanatan Dharma)
Speaking LanguageHindi
ProfessionJeweler, Translator, Author, Editor (Journal Lafz)
PassionUrdu poet
AddressSector 11, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Personal information of Tufail Chaturvedi

Tufail Chaturvedi contact info and Social media handle

Email[email protected]
Twitter handle@TufailChaturve
Facebook profileTufail Chaturvedi
Instagram Id@tufailchaturvedi
Youtube channelTufail Chaturvedi
Tufail Chaturvedi contact information

Tufail Chaturvedi quotes

If you want Islam then human rights will not work and if you want human rights then Islam will not work. These two are opposite things.

Gali ko Dil ki andheron se bhar diya jisne, pukarte the use roshani ke naam se hum (Filled the street with the darkness of the heart, which we used to call him by the name of light).

Ek saa-e kī talab meñ zindagī pahuñchī yahāñ… duur tak phailā huā hai mujh meñ manzar dhuup kā… (Life reached in the pond of a shadow, where … A glimpse of sunshine has spreaded wide and far inside me)

Novel Translated by Tufail Chaturvedi

  • Khoya paani
  • Dhan Yatra
  • Mere Muh Me Khaak
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  • Akse-Khushboo (Hindi)
  • Saat Pakistani Shayar
  • Sarhad Ke Aar-Paar Ki Shayari
  • Sarhad Ke Aar-Paar Ki Shayari
  • Sarhad Ke Aar-Paar Ki Shayari


  • Mahakte phool se lamhon ki jaulani palat aayee
  • Nahin jhonka koi bhi taazagi ka
  • Hawa ko rukh badalna chahiye tha
  • Pyaar kiya hai toh mar jaana thodi hai
  • Ashkon se aankhon ka parda toot gaya
  • Gubar dil se purana nahi nikalta hai
  • Dhoop hote huye baadal nahin maanga karte
  • Pal-pal safar ki baat karein aaj hi tamam
  • Adaalatein hain mukaabil – toh fir gawaah
  • Warak-warak pe ujaala utaar aaya hun
  • Aahat humari sunn ke wo khidaki me aa gaya
  • Jis jageh patthar lage the rang neela kar diya
  • Dilon ke zahar ko shaaistgee ne kaat diya
  • Mere pairon me chubh jaayeinge lekin
  • Hua jiska bharosa bhi nahin tha

In summary, Tufail Chaturvedi is an intellectual and talented individual who has dedicated his life to promoting the rich cultural heritage of his country and religion. He is a beacon of inspiration and guidance for those who seek to learn and grow, and his teachings have touched the lives of many.


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